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Mount Everest

Mount Everest or Everest mountain is located in Nepal on the border of Tibet. It is the highest mountain in the world. The Everest mountain is located in Mahalangur before this, it sits on the international border in the territory of China, which is a part of Tibet, it was earlier known as Peak XV. The height of Everest, which was 8840 meters or 29 thousand 2 feet, was published for the first time in the Great Trigonometric Survey of India in 1856. Kanchenjunga was considered the highest mountain in 1850, but now it is the third highest peak in the world, its height is 8586 meters, ie 28169 feet. Due to the very high mountain peaks surrounding it, scientists had some difficulty in detecting the height of Mount Everest.
mount everest


Some of its key features are as follows:

Its height is 8848 meters above sea level, that is, it is about 29,029 feet high.
The first peak near Mount Everest is 8516 meters high, ie 27940 feet high, the second peak Nupatse height is 7855 meters i.e. about 27771 feet, and the third mountain peak named Changtse is 7580 meters high ie 24870 feet high.
Scientists have found in one of their research that its height is increasing every year by 2 centimeters.
In Nepal, it is called as Sagarmatha, it was named by Nepal historian Babu Ram Acharya in 1930.
It is known in Tibet by the name of Chomolangma. Chomolangma means Goddess of the universe and Sagarmatha means Goddess of the sky. In both the countries people worship this mountain peak.
Everest mountain in Sanskrit is called Devagiri. Due to its vastness, it is also called the crown of the world.
It is one of the seven wonders of the world.
History of Mount Everest
In 1802, the British began exploring the world's highest peak. At first Nepal was not ready to let the British enter in 1830. He started his survey from a place called Tarai, but due to heavy rain, malaria was spread, in which three survey officers died. The highest peak of the Himalayas is also higher than Mount Everest, named Chimborozi peak. If seen from space, only the highest chimborazi peak will be seen from the earth. The Chimborozi mountain peak looks about 15 feet higher than the Everest peak, but since the height of the mountains is measured from the sea level, Mount Everest is rated as the highest peak. In the history of mountain climbing world famous mountaineer Andrzej Javada, captured the first eight thousand cinders which became history for mountaineering.

Mount Everest search
Everest mountain was first discovered by British survey scientist George Everest in 1830 to 1843. Andrew Waugh later completed this task during the Survey of the High Peaks of India and he named this mountain after George Everest in 1865 Mount Everest, although the locals of Nepal did not like this name. They wanted to have a local name of this mountain, they did not like this foreign name. In 1885, Clinton Thomas Dent, president of the Alpine Club, suggested that his book Above the Snow Line suggested a possible climb to Everest. In 1921, the British man George Mallory and Guy Gaulak decided to climb the mountain from a north angle by the British Reconnaissance Expedition, and they also climbed to a height of 7005 meters ie 22982 feet. In this way, he became the first person who kept his foot to such a height, then he got down with his team.
Mount Everest geographical features
Everest is 60 million years old, it is always snowing here. The reason for the formation of Mount Everest, when the continent of Loresia was broken, it moved towards the north of Asia and collided with it. The sea level between the two plates of the earth's surface broke and India spread to the northern edges, thus the rise of Mount Everest and Himalaya Mountains. There are rivers near the mountain and the important source for the water of the rivers is the melting snow of the mountain which is necessary to maintain the environmental balance of the place. Mount Everest is made of various stones such as shell, stone, marble. The peak of Mount Everest has been covered with snow for years.
The climate of the mountain is such that no vegetation is found there but some animals are found there. And no wildlife is found in the height of 20,000 feet. A crow is found there, whose feet are red, and geese are also found there. Some birds found in Sagarmatha National Park will be seen there.
Mount Everest season
Due to the very high height of Mount Everest, there is a lack of oxygen here, snowy winds continue to run on Everest almost every year. The temperature of the place remains up to 80 Fahrenheit every year in the month of May, there is a flow of strong jet air due to which the temperature of the place gets warmer there. The wind speed is 200 meters per hour.

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