Thursday, 30 January 2020

Circle - Chord and Arc ( Basic )


A circle is a set of points equidistant from a fixed point in a plane. The fixed point is called the center of the center and the fixed distance is called as the radius. 


The radius is also the segment joining the center and any point on the circle. 


A chord is a segment that joins any two points on the circle.


A diameter is the chord which passes through the center point of the circle.

Types of arc

1) Minor Acr
2) Major Acr
3) Semicircular Arc

a) Measure of a circle is 360°.
b) Measure of a semicircle is 180°.
c) Measure of a minor arc is less than 180°.
d) Measure of a major arc is more than 180°

Seg OD is the radius of the circle.

Seg AB is the diameter of the circle.

Seg PQ is a chord of the circle.

Property No 1: The perpendicular drawn from the center

 of a circle to its chord bisects the chord

Property No 2: The segment joining the center of a circle and midpoint of its chord is perpendicular to the chord.

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