Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Sports Day in School

Every year students eagerly wait for this day. On this day we get great joy. Year passes with great joy.
Like every year, this year too, a very interesting program was prepared for this day. The principal also invited the parents of the students. Senior PT teacher was assigned the responsibility of all the work. Sports started at exactly ten o'clock.

The races were first organized in the program. These races were 100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, and 5 kilometers. It was a lot of fun in the 5 km race. 

The number of jumps came after the races. These included Lag Jump, High Jump, and Triple Jump. All these jumps were also very interesting.
After this, some sports were kept in which only powerful and healthy children could participate. Such as Shot-Foot, Dhissx Throw, and Hammer Throw. I did not participate in any of these items, because I am not interested in them.

The final item of the program was the race of teachers, which we were eagerly waiting for. All the teachers participated in it. 

The awards were distributed after the end of the Games.  After this, sweets were served to all the students. We all returned home happily having sweets

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