Friday, 13 December 2019

Discount and Commission Test

v Solve

1)   The marked value of a chair is Rs 1200. A 10% discount is given on it. Calculate the discount and selling price of the chair.

2) A shopkeeper decides to sell a certain item at a certain price. He marks the price of the items, by increasing the decided price by 30%. While selling the item, he offers 20% discount. Find how many percent he gets more on the decided price.

3) From a “Handloom stores”, Sudhir purchased the following items:

i) 2 bedsheets, Rs 375 each

ii) 2 floor mats, Rs 525 each

On the purchase, he received a rebate of 15%. Find 

the total rebate. How much should Sudhir pay to the shopkeeper?

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