Saturday, 4 January 2020

Congruence of triangle

Test of Congruence

If a specific part of one triangle are respectively congruent with the three corresponding parts of the other, then the remaining parts are also congruent with each other.

Test of Congruence of a triangles

1) SSS test 

In ∆ ABC and ∆ RST
 seg AB ≅ seg RS
 seg AC ≅ seg RT
 seg BC ≅ seg ST
∴ SSS Test ( Side, Side, Side test)

2) SAS Test

In ∆ ABC and ∆ RST
seg AB ≅ seg RS
mㄥABC ≅ mㄥ RST
seg BC ≅ seg ST
 ∴ SAS Test ( Side, Angle, Side test)

3) ASA Test
In ∆ ABC and ∆ RST
mㄥABC ≅ mㄥRST
seg BC ≅ seg ST
mㄥACB ≅ mSTR 
 ∴ ASA Test ( Angle, Side, Angle test)

4) SAA or AAS Test
In ∆ ABC and ∆ RST
mㄥABC ≅ mㄥRST
mㄥACB ≅ mSTR
seg AC  ≅ seg RT
 ∴ SAA or AAS Test ( Side, Angle, Angle test)

5) Hypotenouse side Test
In ∆ LMN and ∆ PQR
mㄥM and mㄥQ are right angles
Hypt LN  ≅ Hypt PR
 ∴ Hypotenouse side test

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  1. Difference between SAA Test and ASA Test is that in ASA Test the side will be in between two angles