Friday, 29 November 2019

World of Computers

A computer is a wonderful machine. Its invention brought revolution in the world. The task of complex to complex calculations became simple. The files started being accounted for on the computer. The functioning of banks and offices became smooth. Those tasks took place in minutes which took hours and days. Riding on a horse like a computer, humans started talking from the sky.
Computer is an amazing thing. It can be called a substitute for the human mind. It can do many types of tasks. It controls the movement of aircraft. It is used in booking air travel and rail journey tickets. It solves bureaucratic confusion in offices. This has simplified the work of clerks. This is the helm of big companies because it blinks in the eyes of millions of crores. The stock market is crippled without it. There are countless uses of computers in the publishing world. Its assistance in the printing of newspapers, books, and magazines is notable. Satellites operate through this. It helps a lot in space travel.
The twentieth century saw a revolution in the field of information. Computers had a huge hand in that revolution. Earlier it was feared that man's work would be lost due to increasing use of computers. This apprehension later proved to be unfounded. The practice of computers employed crores of people. New avenues of employment opened up for educated youth in India. Computer education started in schools and colleges. The era of information technology started in India. India came in first place in the world in information technology. The demand for Indian engineers and technicians in the manufacture of software began worldwide.
The Internet is being spread through a computer. The Internet is nothing but a web of computers around the world. Websites started on the Internet. Computers became hard-hitting machines. The kind of information that was available in every region in the whole world, it came in every fist. Helped in the development of all Indian languages ​​including Hindi. Business started with e-mail. Contact between people around the world became easier at home. Newspapers started falling on the computer screen. Politicians started contacting voters through the internet. E-marketing, e-business, e-ticket booking means everything has become simple and convenient.
The computer not only reached the big offices and institutions, it started to sit in the street, street, village, and house to house. The process of recording the accounts of village land and rent on the computer started. The voter's list started being prepared on the computer. The statistics of the schools were captured in computers. Lightning
Bills, ration cards, telephone bills, water bills were all computerized. As a result, data manipulation and corruption were curbed.
There are many possibilities for the use of computers in India right now. At present, the system of computer education is limited to schools in cities. It should also be spread in rural areas. The new version of the computer laptop is so simple to use that it can be placed anywhere. Computers need to be delivered door to door so that India can take the lead in the category of developed nations in the twenty-first century.
The use of computers is also in the field of entertainment. Animation films are produced with the help of computers. It is also used in the production of common films. New designs can be made by computer. A variety of games can be played on it. Movies can also be viewed on a computer screen.
Today we are living in the era of supercomputers. It performs our daily tasks well. Therefore, its maximum use should be encouraged. But sitting in front of a computer for too long is harmful to health. Therefore, some precautions need to be taken.

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